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Introducing AP Computer Science Principles

The newest AP® course, AP Computer Science Principles, is launching in fall 2016. Whether your school is interested in offering the course, or are looking for ways to motivate interest in your students and parents, these materials will help you get started.

AP Online Scores for Students Toolkit
Introduce Students to AP

These materials introduce students to AP and help them explore whether AP is right for them:

Parent Outreach

These materials give parents accessible and helpful insight into AP courses and the expectations for students:

Additional resources for AP coordinators, teachers, counselors, and administrators

AP Overview of Resources (.pdf/748KB)

Digital Resources for AP Coordinators
Use these templates and resources to help build student and parental awareness of AP events and activities:

AP Informational Event Planner (.pdf/603KB)
This quick reference guide gives you ideas and tips for planning and promoting successful informational events for parents and students, to support participation in AP courses.

AP Coordinator Newsletter Archive
Access our Monthly AP Coordinator Newsletter for updates, professional development opportunities, and other useful news about AP courses and exams.

Subscribe to the AP YouTube Channel featuring videos of AP students and teachers. You can use these videos in presentations to students, parents, colleagues and the community. View a few of our most popular videos:

Insights into AP Potential™
Use AP Potential to open the world of AP to academically qualified students who otherwise may be overlooked. Based on PSAT/NMSQT score data, AP Potential can help you identify and coach students who demonstrate potential for success in specific AP courses.

7 Steps to Start an AP Course
You have students who are prepared and eager for a college-level learning experience. Now what? Here are the seven steps to add an Advanced Placement® (AP) course at your school.

2013 Spotlight on Success (.pdf/1.33MB)
Examples of how schools and districts making AP® courses accessible to more students. 

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